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Telegram: the new opportunity for your business

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Do you know Telegram? For some time now we have heard more and more about it. This is not trivial. Telegram is now an application that is skyrocketing with more than 400 million members worldwide. It is available both on smartphones and on PC. It will definitely turn your business upside down in some time.

What is Telegram?

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the early days of Telegram.

His history

Telegram was launched in 2013. It is an instant messaging app that originated in Russia.

It is a direct competitor of WhatsApp and Messenger.

The security of communications is its main argument.

Depending on the settings, it is possible to send encrypted messages that can only be understood by the sender and the receiver.

Pavel Durov, co-founders with his company brother, created the app to avoid censorship by the Russian government.

Before Telegram, he created the first Russian social network VKontakte, which more used than Facebook in Russia.

It is now under government control.

Unlike Telegram for which several governments have requested decryption keys.

Without success.

It is still a little exploited network.

The advantages of Telegram

However, there is a good chance that it will come to wreak havoc on the most famous networks.

Even Facebook.

It has all the advantages while adding anonymity.

Here you don’t have any ads.

Your phone number is not disclosed, unlike WhatsApp.

It is 100% anonymous.

It’s fun, user-friendly, and ergonomic.

Installation is very simple and takes five minutes.

It is found on Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The software is open-source on the client side. The big advantage is that it allows regular updates.

The economic model

The software is free and there are no ads. This did not prevent the application from raising $ 1.4 billion in investment.

Mainly with the aim of creating the economic model of tomorrow on the platform.

Its own blockchain-based currency.

Obviously, there will be things to buy later. But I don’t think it’s for tomorrow.

An exceptional engagement rate

If you’re struggling with your email open rates, a Telegram account will turn your life upside down.

People receive messages directly on their phones.

Kind of like an SMS.

The open rate is exceptional.

I am not yet active to post on the platform.

I participate in groups to see how it works and if it’s really worth the cost.

Interaction, number of views, etc.

It’s like a new game console coming out. Better to wait for feedback from people who bought the first version.

And the returns are pretty good with sales multiplied by 5 in general.

Obviously, you need a minimum audience.

How to use Telegram?

Already, and this is important, you can fully configure the confidentiality of your account.

Depending on the settings you can send top-secret encrypted messages or report your location and allow anyone to contact you.

You don’t need to be an engineer at NASA to understand the functions unlike Facebook and its more austere interface.

Telegram is actually a chat where you can create channels or groups.

In a channel, you are the only one to communicate.

In a group, anyone can participate. But at cat speed, it’s a mess quickly.

Especially since your group can contain up to 200,000 people.

People can subscribe to your channels if they’re not private.

You can decorate the wallpaper as you like, and send messages of all types.

  • audios.
  • Pictures.
  • files to download, large or small.
  • videos.
  • surveys.
  • gifs.
  • emoticons.

With a pretty cool design.

With the cool features, you can post a YouTube video without going to YouTube. You put “@youtube” and you have direct access to the video search engine.

You click and it’s shared.

So you’re going to tell me that people are going to be drunk by the alerts. Of course, you can mute the application.

Not only on the user side but also on the sender side.

If you want to send a discreet message to someone, you can.

Create content on Telegram

Another thing that you might worry about is the content to be created and the fact that you have to take care of a new network.

For the content, these are very fast things.

You can film yourself quickly, make an audio message in less than a minute.

In short, it’s according to your mood.

And sometimes you can submit a product or an affiliate link if you want.

It’s up to you not to be heavy with your proposals. And not to spend your time doing that.

The goal is to share and exchange. Like you would on Facebook.

You can talk about anything on Telegram as long as it doesn’t affect people’s integrity and you don’t mess around with spam.

We are not in the techniques where you join all groups to bombard your affiliate links.

Another thing, all your devices are synced together.

If you start a message on your smartphone, you can continue it on your computer.

You can edit all your posts and delete them, regardless of the position in the newsfeed (if we say that).

In short, as you can see, it’s pretty good.

Automate publication

On the publication side, you have the possibility to schedule your messages. So you can easily feed your channel.

Especially since Zapier works with Telegram.

So you can automate everything. Although I don’t advise you to do it too much. The goal is to exchange and if you are not there, it is difficult.

Like I told you, you make fast content. A bit like a story, but much more interactive.

I invite you to take a look at the application, although, on a pc, it’s more pleasant.

Join groups to see how it’s going, tell me about it.

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