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List of Tools to Know in Digital Marketing

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What tools for digital marketing?

When I first started training, having a list of tools for digital marketing would have been very helpful. The theme concerns a large number of subjects and not everyone has the same use of it. Some think it is mainly social media, the website, others online advertising, or newsletters. In reality, all these subjects are part of it, and they overlap, complement each other. There are many, many articles on the subject, and some present some solutions.

I identified those that seem to be the most relevant, the solutions that I use, then I made a compilation of all the tools they contained. Presented in a PDF document, this list includes more than 440 digital marketing tools.

List of tools for digital marketing that will be useful to you

For each part of your digital strategy, we will have adapted tools, some specialized, others more complete. Here are the main categories:

Tools to study and analyze

  • Analysis tools
    • Analyze your site (performance, optimization, structure, statistics ..), your social networks (statistics, conversion rate.)
    • Analyze the digital presence of your competitors, their keywords, and their online advertising.
  • Natural and paid referencing
    • Study the keywords used, write your strategy, decide if you want to work in natural and paid referencing,
    • Which keywords to choose and how which advertising tools
    • How to have backlinks and see those of your competitors
  • Strategy: what tools for influencer marketing?

Listen to your market and observe your colleagues

  • Watch, e-reputation
    • How to set up a market watch, what tools to use to monitor it, and keep an eye on your competitors
    • What do we say about you, your company, your brand, your products? How to put alerts and where to centralize them. How will you be able to measure your online reputation?


  • Social media,
    • Social media are numerous, they are to be chosen with care according to their activity and their market.
    • How to manage company accounts, share information on several simultaneous channels
    • How to advertise on these media
    • What extensions exist to increase its audience?

Organize repetitive tasks

  • Automation
    • What are the tools to automate tasks
    • What marketing automation solutions can you use to have a global approach

Work on your images/video

  • Visuals
    • Which sites to make a video, find royalty-free images, edit, infographics?

Manage its content, communicate and increase its audience

  • Content, campaigns, Growth Hacking
  • Email automation


Useful in everyday life

You will also find the list of sources that have enabled the compilation of these tools for digital marketing.

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