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Instagram, the social network that creates links!

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With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most used social networks today. With its great success, Instagram has become one of the communication channels used by companies to promote their activities and reach a wider audience. Do you also want to use this social network to promote your business? Discover our tips here for making the most of Instagram, the social network that creates links!

Instagram, a successful social network

Of the 1 billion and a few monthly Instagram users, around 60% spend hours there every day. This is a colossal number of users and therefore potential customers for companies! The stake that it represents is quickly understood by the companies which are more and more present there. Today, there are over 8 million companies from all domains on Instagram. Its audience is predominantly young and female. Indeed, most of the users are under 34 years old and 65% of them are women.

Establishing your brand and having visibility on the internet is difficult but essential to developing your business. Instagram is a channel to use to reach a large audience. But you have to optimize your presence to achieve your goals.

Buy Instagram followers

You will have already understood the value of buying Instagram followers and/or collaborating with influencers. Indeed, a strategy based on communication campaigns on the network will allow you to quickly increase your notoriety and establish your brand image with a large audience.

Buying followers on Instagram is one of the ways you can build a reputation on the network and on the internet. This is a process that allows you to build a community around your brand in the shortest possible time. Of course, you can grow your community naturally and without paying. However, getting visibility this way will take a long time.

Thanks to the purchase of followers, you will be able to focus on creating original content. Indeed, the quality and authenticity of your content are essential to gain a place on Instagram and make your investment profitable.

With followers available, your content is unlikely to go unnoticed. In addition, followers bring in other followers. Users greatly refer to your number of subscribers. The more you have, the more consumers will be interested in you!

Instagram, the social network that creates links

Do business on Instagram

The images and video are at the heart of the phenomenon Instagram. The latter is thus perfect for certain activities such as those belonging to the hotel industry, tourism, fashion, beauty, art and creation, design or even audiovisual. If your company is involved in one of these areas, the ‘ interest Instagram for you is not talking. You will be able to arouse the interest of the community and express yourself through a single snapshot or a video of a few seconds!

However, the image is an immediate communication tool that can be exploited by any company, regardless of the sector in which it operates. Any domain can bet on Instagram as long as it offers quality content. Companies involved in the construction industry, online training, and others have succeeded in establishing their brand image via Instagram! What must be understood is that the creative dimension is very important to be attractive on this social network.

In addition, your Instagram account may be linked to your accounts on other social networks, in particular Facebook, and to your website. You will thus be able to make yourself known. An increase in traffic to your website is to be expected with a significant number of followers.

Tips for promoting your brand with Instagram

Discover some tips that will allow you to highlight your brand image through Instagram.

Define your goals

As with any marketing strategy, first and foremost you need to set clear goals. Before investing in buying Instagram followers or collaborating with influencers, you need to know exactly why you want to gain an audience on this social network. It is essential to orient your content and define the indicators allowing you to know if your objective has been reached.

Create a Business Manager account

As a reminder, Instagram was created in 2010 and then bought by Facebook in 2012. This explains the fact that the two social networks are very connected. The Business Manager is a platform dedicated to the management and optimization of your various Facebook and Instagram accounts and advertising pages. By exploiting these two marketing channels, you will increase your visibility, your conversions, and thus your turnover.

Optimize your posts

Once the Instagram campaign kicks off, get ready to post regularly. Most companies publish content once a day, which is more than enough. You need to choose your posts carefully to attract audiences. Creativity is the basis of success on Instagram. You must put forward original photos, videos, and images, a signature that will allow users to recognize all your posts. You also need to heal your legends.

The content should also match your activities. Those that spark participation like questions, funny captions, and little stories wreak havoc on the network. However, avoid content that is too long and let your cliché speak for itself! A few words will be enough to make your post attractive.

Respect your graphic charter

The photos and videos that you publish on Instagram must respect the graphic charter and the brand image of your company. You must therefore favor the colors of your charter and use a single font for all your content. In this way, Internet users will be able to quickly identify your content. This is the best way to make sure they can remember and recognize your business and activities.

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