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6 qualities of introverts in the world

6 qualities of introverts in the world of work

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As an introvert, you have many assets to shine in the professional world. You may not always be aware of it. You may often be discreet, you do not put can not always be necessarily forward … But know that as an introvert you have many qualities, the article would be too long for me to come in after. Today I put you in the spotlight, you can congratulate yourself when you have finished reading the article. Let’s start now by making a list of the 6 qualities of introverts in the world of work that make you valuable colleagues.

You are listening to each other

One of your strengths as an introvert is your listening skills. You don’t think of bringing it all back to you every time you speak up. What the other says interests you sincerely. You take the time to listen to what he has to say to you and to understand it. Believe me, this is not everyone’s strong suit. How many times have you not heard a colleague tell you about his weekend in full? Obviously without taking the time to ask you how yours went afterward (okay sometimes that works out but that’s not the question). Moreover, you are likely asked regularly to ask for advice or just to be heard. Listening is not a quality that everyone has. You can be proud of it and keep this precious asset preciously.

6 qualities of introverts in the world of work

You are autonomous

Working alone does not scare you at all, quite the contrary! You like to do it on your own. Teamwork is not your thing anyway unless you fall into a caring and attentive team. There it can completely change the situation. You can progress on your own without needing colleagues around you. This is what you prefer. You don’t mind brainstorming solo and managing a project from A to Z, unlike other people who would be terrified of the idea. This quality is appreciated by your superiors.

You are calm

You are rarely a drama queen in the office (good in the privacy is another thing). Your colleagues and your superiors appreciate your calm, your almost permanent state of Zen (while inside it’s fire but that’s another story). Being close to you means being calm and this is very calming for the colleagues who are close to you. Even if you’re not the star of the job, people who get to know you usually enjoy spending time with you and being in your company. It is a great asset appreciated by all.

You have a high capacity for concentration

You can stay focused for several minutes, or even hours, especially when a subject is close to your heart or passionate about you. Often you are completely cut off from the world! Being absorbed in reading a book and not seeing the time passed happens to you regularly. So if in the office you are working on a project that interests you, you can invest hours on different tasks that are important to you and complete them successfully. Your ability to concentrate is one of your strengths.

You think before you speak or act

It could be seen as a defect for some but on the contrary, it is good quality. Usually, you like to take your time before speaking or answering a question. Well it’s true sometimes there are misses but hey it happens to everyone doesn’t it? You don’t want to respond “like that” and say something in a hurry. Words are very important to you and you are often called upon for your reflective side.

To conclude, your strengths as introverts are numerous! Remember, these are your strengths. Not everyone has all of these qualities. Of course, you have so many more! It is important to tell yourself that you are not inferior or worse than another. You have strong points and sometimes it is true that it is difficult to be objective and to become aware of them. It is clear that the brain loves to focus on the negative, it is made like that.

Sometimes it is good to refresh your memory and become aware of its qualities. It is for this reason that I decided to put you in the spotlight in this article and it will happen often! You deserve to have your full place in this society. I care that you realize your potential and all that you have to offer to yourself and the world. If you could take a few moments after reading this article to write down 5 other qualities that would be a plus.

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