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5 tips to improve your digital marketing skills

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If you are already working in digital marketing, you know that it is very important to train continuously to stay on top of your skills. Practices and technologies related to digital change very quickly and for that, it is necessary to remain dynamic and to be informed. Thanks to various actions, you will be able to stay the course on these developments and your profile will gain in value in the eyes of recruiters. Thus, you will increase your employability. You will be able to claim important positions and salaries. Here are some tips to improve your digital marketing skills!

Take stock of your skills each year

Before embarking on training or reorienting your career, it is important to take stock of your skills. For that, nothing better than to update your CV and to analyze your experiences and evolutions. An example of a CV with a lot of experience could show a lot of diversity, but also professional instability. Conversely, if you only have one long experience within a company, it means that your profile is less diversified. So how do you find the right professional balance for your career?

Ask yourself these questions: what would I like to do in 5 years? How do you get there? Thanks to this process, you can easily orient your skills in order to complete your curriculum vitae. It may also encourage you to look for a new position or to request professional development within your company!

Online training on specific tools or skills

Thanks to your skills assessment, you will be able to identify the elements that you lack in order to evolve. In digital marketing, it is possible to find a large number of online training courses to train you in the use of tools or business skills in management or strategy. If you have worked on a permanent contract, you certainly have rights to the Professional Training Account (CPF), which will allow you to finance part or all of your training.

Before starting a course, find out about the tools and skills in vogue, which will serve you in the long term, even 10 years from now. If you are currently in a position, you will be able to convince your managers to follow a training which will be useful to develop your position, and which will be useful for the company.

Specialize in an acquisition channel or a sector of activity

In order to quickly improve your marketing skills, it is best not to disperse. You will be able to differentiate yourself more easily by specializing in an acquisition channel such as SEO and content creation (inbound marketing methods) or, on the contrary, orient yourself towards online advertising and e-mailing (methods more commercial also called outbound marketing). In addition, you have the possibility of focusing on a specific sector of activity, such as the food industry, the automotive industry, BtoC activities in e-commerce, or service companies (BtoB) …

This specialization will make you a very sharp expert on how to promote certain products and choose the right marketing acquisition channels. At the same time, your skills will gain a lot of value in the job market. Be sure to choose a promising sector.

Work on various projects

In digital marketing, it is important to step out of your comfort zone. On some workstations, you will always perform the same communication actions. This is particularly the case when you work for an advertiser. On the contrary, other positions in agencies or service companies will require you to work on a large number of customer cases. This type of work is very rewarding because it allows you to update your skills, learn about new sectors of activity or discover new working methods and new communication tools. If your profile lacks diverse experiences, consider moving to a similar position in order to broaden your experiences. This will allow you to expand your professional network.

Follow conferences and webinars

In order to improve your skills, it is essential to collect feedback from your digital marketing peers. Thanks to this knowledge sharing, you will be able to improve the way you work. Physical or virtual events are the best places to get the best feedback from marketing professionals. There are many webinars or podcasts specializing in digital marketing. Very often free, they will only cost you a few minutes of your time and allow you to increase your skills or ask questions of other professionals.

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